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Blazing Saddles

5. Blazing Saddles (1974)
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The Waco Kid” introduction scene

Blazing Saddles theme song :: Frankie Laine

One of the things I absolutely love about my husband is his sense of humor, and that he can make me laugh easily, and does make me laugh at least once a day. I also love his love of music, movies, and musicals. Blazing Saddles is his favorite movie, and one that he is quick to quote, especially if said quotes come from “The Waco Kid“, the character he would love to reprise if they ever do make the rumored on-stage musical version of the movie. This movies will always remind me of my husband, so it was a treat to re-watch the film with him recently, especially since I believe it was during the Seventies when I last saw the movie.

Mel Brooks is also a director that immediately reminds me of my husband. We celebrated our first year of dating anniversary going to see the stage musical of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein at the Pantages Theatre, in Hollywood. To me, it was the perfect way to celebrate our first year together – laughing together.

Though this time around Blazing Saddles certainly felt dated, it was a fun time, especially for me the last part of the movie that took the notion of breaking down the fourth wall and ran with it. I enjoyed seeing areas around Burbank, close to where I used to work a few years back, and seeing how much they have, and have not changed since the early-mid-Seventies.

I agree with my husband, the Waco Kid is definitely my favorite, too, played brilliantly by “The Waco Kid“.

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