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Lyriquediscorde brings to life all things Music. Daily Music Obsessions, Song of the Day selections, Weekly Playlists, New Music Reviews, Live Music Reviews, Lists, Album and Artist Features, Interviews, Daily Themes, and personal reflections on the impact Music has had on my life.

Lyriquediscorde – All Things Music

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Weekly Features:

Mondays – Start the week with by digging into our Quintessential Albums and then take a Weekly Playlist along with you for the week.

Tuesdays – Time to indulge in some list-making with the Top Ten List of the Week and tune-in to anything and everything TV related, too.

Wednesdays –  Wordless Wednesday gives you a breather for your mid-week, and then we make a few more lists using Listography books – both for Music and Movies.

Thursdays – Throwback Thursday with Playlists by year – the “Where Were You” series – you won’t want to miss these. We Throwback with some song and album highlights, as well.

FridaysNew Releases happen on Fridays and Lyriquediscorde picks our favorites of the week for your consideration. We also showcase Women in Music with a Female Friday celebration.

Saturdays – Indulge in our favorite Movie Soundtracks with Soundtrack Saturdays and turn up the volume with some themed Mixtape Playlists to celebrate the weekend with.

Sundays – Stay Under the Covers for Sleep-In Sunday and enjoy the Best Cover Songs we can find with Under the Covers Sunday. Once your up and around, have some Breakfast with the Beatles with us.

Other Features:

Song of the Day – Take a deep dive with me and learn about a particular Song and about the Artist/Band who created it. Personal memories and connections to each Song are weaved in, as well. Sometimes the Song of the Day feature will include Poetry or Short Stories of mine, as well.

Music Obsessions – Ever get a Song stuck in your head? How about 5 Songs? We share our Top 5 Music Obsessions, usually daily, so you can get them stuck in your head, too.

Live Music Reviews – We love Live Music and try to see as many gigs around the Los Angeles area as we can. Check out what we have to say about them with Lyriquediscorde’s Live Music Reviews.

Now Hear This – New Songs that we can’t get enough of we share with you. Check out Now Hear This to discover your next Favorite Song.

Lyriquediscorde’s 10 Questions Project – We ask the same 10 questions to Musicians, Artists, Writers, and Music Fans from all over the world and share them with you. You won’t want to miss the answers we get.

Lyriquediscorde Movies and Books – Check-out what we’ve been watching and reading with Movie and Book Features.

You can also check-out Lyriquediscorde’s Top 30 Albums of All-Time and Top 30 Songs of All-Time. Stay tuned for more Top 30’s.

Seven years of Lyriquediscorde and still going strong. Thank you to all the loyal followers and readers both new and old. Keep reading and listening to all things music. Music is Everything.