Last Breakfast On Earth

Monday Playlist goes back to the 80’s for the Last Breakfast On Earth, inspired by Molly Ringwald.

Red Light Regards

Take a listen to this week’s Monday Playlist – Red Light Regards!

Disappear into eyes and ears

Disappear into eyes and ears A Monday Playlist Lyriquediscorde Listen on Spotify and YouTube “Blues Run the Game” by Headless Heroes “Is That Alright?” by Lady Gaga “Flagship” by Jason Isbell “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation “Scar Tissue” by Red Hot Chili Peppers “Walking After You” by Foo Fighters “Old Fashioned Morphine” by Jolie Holland “The Eye”…

The Letter D

The Letter D – Alphabet Playlists – Lyriquediscorde

The Letter C

The Letter C – Alphabet Playlists – Lyriquediscorde