Women in Music – The Letter A – The Best of Tori Amos

This Week’s Female Friday/Women In Music Friday we start a Series that will be going for quite a few weeks to come – Women In Music Alphabetically. This week we start with one of our Favorite Women In Music, Tori Amos, for “The Letter A”.

Women of the 90’s :: A Female Friday Playlist

Let’s head back to the 90’s for this week’s Female Friday and spin a 30-Song Playlist of Women in Music. The 90’s were an interesting decade for Women in Music, with the Riot Grrrls, Lilith Fair, Grunge, Hip Hop and Alternative Rock, and More.

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 6/30/17

Welcome to Friday’s Edition of Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day brought to you buy the Music Addicts and Obsessers here at Lyriquediscorde, where we gather up 5 Songs a Day that we can’t get enough of and share them with you.

Ani DiFranco :: Female Friday

This Week’s Edition of Female Friday we will be diving into the Music of Ani DiFranco, who happens to have  New Album out Today, as well – Binary – which you can Read About later today in our Top 5 New Releases Post.