Friday Five :: Just bring back some nice reminders

Astronaut :: Amanda Palmer Friday Five 5 Things this song reminds me of: 1. Years of my life spent in not quite right, or often really fucking wrong, relationships. 2. That feeling of wanting to define oneself in love, or as a part of someone else, and never feeling enough – for them, for you, or within all of it, and how I have turned into something ugly, and sometimes cruel, in the end. 3. Coachella 2009, and finally getting to see Amanda live. She was so incredible. 4. More than a few songs remind me of this – but … Continue reading Friday Five :: Just bring back some nice reminders

You may believe it’s just because :: song of the day

Random scratchings with a sharp pen (by me) There are spinnings and twirlings, a carnival thrill ride, an underwater sea sunk treasure find. The thoughts they turn into many colors, shades, desires. I pause to wonder, where to put all of this, what life to choose, what pocket to hide within. Should I turn out the light, shut my eyes, dream, deny, love? The intensity is heightened, unreal, mystical. I want to drink it all in, wallow in it awhile. I want to wake next to you, feel your skin on mine, bring the blush of bliss to your face, … Continue reading You may believe it’s just because :: song of the day

The 80’s :: Make ’em scream and shout

Video Killed the Radio Star :: Rock This Town :: Stray Cats Junior High school years, or what they now are terming “middle school“, are not the easiest of times for anyone. I have yet to meet a single person who looks back with a smile on their face when talking about their Junior High school memories, there was always something they grimace at recalling, and they all swear they would never, ever want to go back. With that in mind, coming up with things to remember hating from that time in my life is actually quite easy, as I am sure … Continue reading The 80’s :: Make ’em scream and shout

The 80’s :: I’ll be alone, dancing

“Will you stand above me? Look my way, never love me? Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling, down, down, down.” History lesson: The 1985 song is best known for its integral inclusion in the John Hughes’ film, The Breakfast Club, known now as the movie’s unofficial theme song, playing both at the start and the end of the film. The songwriters, Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff approached various artists to record the song for the film, Cy Curnin from The Fixx, Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol to name them, and they all refused (though Idol would release a cover version, in 2001). Schiff then suggested Forsey ask the Scottish New … Continue reading The 80’s :: I’ll be alone, dancing