Wonder Boys :: Monday Movie Moment :: Movies about writers/writing

Wonder Boys (2000) The paper crash “You’re not like my other teachers, Professor Tripp.” ~ James Leer “You’re not like my other students, James.” ~ Grady Tripp One of my favorite movies is another film about writers and writing, Wonder Boys, with an eclectic ensemble cast, is a wonderful (pun intended) tale about writing, teaching, loving, and surviving. Survival is the big one in this, for me, or perhaps persisting is the better choice of descriptors; to me, all of the characters are persisting at something, not always winning, but not always failing, but always and ever persisting. Some of … Continue reading Wonder Boys :: Monday Movie Moment :: Movies about writers/writing

They taught you how to feel :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Kelly Haigh Untitled (by me) I feel a bit rough around the edges, as if there are parts of me that have just been cut out, molded, shaped, but with scissors that are just a bit warped, the kind with a little bend to the left, so now I just hang a little crooked. Nothing seems to fit around me anymore. I am more comfortable naked and wrapped in a blanket. I feel that too much of me is opening up to the world, and I am not ready for all the scrutiny. And … Continue reading They taught you how to feel :: song of the day

You got five minutes :: Drive

5. Drive (2011) movies seen in 2013 The drive home movie clip featuring the song A Real Hero :: College, featuring Electric Youth The elevator moment This was a second viewing of the film for me, and by all accounts, the more emotionally charged experience. I think this is due to the fact that the first time around there was the initial confusion I felt at the start from a visual perspective, as well as the shock and surprise moments that really pack a wallop the first time around. This second time I got to take it all in, the … Continue reading You got five minutes :: Drive

AC Dillon :: Keep Art Alive

Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring AC Dillon 1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art? It truly varies, depending on the project.  For each unique work of fiction, the first step after the initial conceptualization and outlining is the creation of a playlist.  The songs chosen reflect each aspect of the story:  the setting; the mood; the unique personalities of the characters; and the events.  The end result is something of an extended film soundtrack, given that I write and create rather cinematically (i.e., my projects begin as flash … Continue reading AC Dillon :: Keep Art Alive