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“Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry has been one of my favorite singers since I was 15 years old. I came to him through devouring liner notes and interviews with bands I liked, searching for inspirations, covers, anything really that led me to more music. It was Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes, who were “guest VJ’ing” on MTV, that led me to Roxy Music. It was “Angel Eyes” they played and I was taken in by the arty/glam/pre-new wave feel of it, and their style.

“Angel Eyes” by Roxy Music

And Bryan Ferry’s voice. His voice slayed me from the start.

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“Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry was the first song I heard this morning. I turned a playlist on in the car, hit shuffle, and it started to play. I felt the rush of feeling that washes over me every time I hear this song. Moreso today, as I was driving away from stealing an early morning hour with the man I love. Love permeates off of my skin. It feels like it might explode out of my chest most days, all the love I feel. It is part of my breathing, my thinking, my dreaming, and how songs like this move me beyond how they ever moved me before.

“I can hear your laughter.
I can see your smile.”

He and I are magic and music and love and laughter and everything.

“Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry
from the album, Boys and Girls (1985)

We’re too young to reason, 
too grown up to dream.”

Slave to Love” was the first Single released from Bryan Ferry’s 1985 Solo Album, Boys and Girls. The Single was released in April of 1985 and spent nine weeks in the UK Charts, peaking at #10. (from Wikipedia)

“Slave to Love” (live, 2007) by Bryan Ferry

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