Mary Lou Lord Top 5 Music Obsessions

Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Mary Lou Lord

Today is a better day. I think I had to get it all out of me, all the hurt and sad and rough feelings I’ve been having for the past month, or so, and sit down and converse with them. Me and all these feelings. They are still there, but I think I worked through some things. Writing helps. Talking to my boyfriend helps. Music helps. And deciding to not lose my hopeless hopefulness helps, too. At least I think it does.

Making plans, big and small, helps a lot, too. I’m not sure why, but it does.

I still feel rough and overly emotional, and I’m still working with a lot of sadness, but I think I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (or the middle of the tunnel. I don’t want “endings”), and I’m starting to feel better.

Playing music – in my car and at work, and together at home – helps, too.

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Top 5 Music Obsessions – Tuesday, November 20, 2018

1. “Shake Sugaree” by Mary Lou Lord
from the album,  (1998)

Mary Lou Lord Top 5 Music Obsessions


“Oh, lordy me,
didn’t I shake sugaree?
Everything I got is done and pawned.”

sfw40147Back in 1998, I listened to Mary Lou Lord’s album, Got No Shadow, obsessively. It wasn’t until recently that I realized this was a cover version of “Shake Sugaree” by Elizabeth Cotton, from 1965.

I think part of the reason I didn’t realize it was a cover was because in 1998, in my 20’s, I knew all about pawning belongings to get by. I had definitely done it, more than a few times.




2. “I Put My Headphones On” by Jill Sobule
from the album, Nostalgia Kills (2018)

Jill Sobule I Put My Headphones On Top 5 Music Obsessions Song 2

“Suddenly wake up, it was only a dream.
I’m back in the good cage that you made for me.
But, there may be someone who listens to me.
I’ll put my headphones on.”

I love the story in this song, and all the sung-stories on Jill Sobule’s new album, Nostalgia Kills, produced by Ben Lee. This is my current favorite track, followed closely by “Tomorrow is Breaking”, featuring John Doe.

Jill Sobule 2

When I saw Joseph Arthur play, back in 2015, Jill opened for him, and John Doe was in the crowd with us at the Troubadour. He got up and sang a song with Jill that night, too.

Looking back, I enjoyed Jill’s opening set more than the rest of the night (though Joseph was great, too).

3. “To Lay Me Down” by Perfume Genius, featuring Sharon Van Etten from the Compilation/Tribute album, Day of the Dead (2016)


“With our bodies close together,
let the world go by.”

I’m slowly getting acquainted with The Grateful Dead’s music, with help from my boyfriend, a music obsessive like me. My two favorite Dead tracks currently are “Sugaree” and “To Lay Me Down”. I just found this cover today of the latter, and I’m really enjoying it.

The song, both the original and this cover (as well as the Cowboy Junkies cover), reminds me of my boyfriend and has me wishing I was home lying in bed, listening to these songs together.


I’ve been a fan of Perfume Genius since I first heard the track “Queen” in an episode of USA’s “Mr. Robot”.

It was an incredible moment of music, film, and scene, and I had to go and find the song immediately after experiencing it. I feel for his album Too Bright soon after, released in 2014 (my favorite album of his).

4. “Leaving the Ground” by Radical Face
from the album, Missing Film (2018)



New Radical Face, from the album Missing Film.

missing film

This track, the 7th on the album, is cinematic, and soothing in its instrumental beauty. It feels like it’s from a film’s soundtrack, which fits well with the album’s title.

The first song I ever heard from Radical Face was “Welcome Home, Son”.

I think it was my oldest daughter who introduced me to it. I vividly remember her putting it into a themed playlist, and then I used it often in playlists myself.

5. “Simple Twist of Fate” by Concrete Blonde
from the album, Still In Hollywood (1994)


“He woke up,
the room was bare,
he didn’t see her anywhere.
He told himself he didn’t care.
Pushed the window open wide,
felt an emptiness inside,
to which he just could not relate.
Brought on by a simple twist of fate.”

One of my favorite Dylan songs, and one of my favorite covers of a Dylan song. Johnette Napolitano kills it. Her voice, it adds this raw energy to it, taking the song into a different place emotionally. 


I’ve seen Concrete Blonde, and Johnette solo, a few times. I’ve never heard her sing this version before. I’d love to, though.

The band (Concrete Blonde), and Johnette have covered many of my favorite songs – including “Ship Song” (Nick Cave), “Everybody Knows” (Leonard Cohen), and “Little Wing” (Jimi Hendrix).







Top 5 Music Obsessions – Week of November 20, 2018


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