The Cure Lovecats SOTD

“Lovecats” by The Cure

This morning, post-workout, I put on “Lovecats” by The Cure, turned up the volume as high as my phone would allow, and danced in my garage like it was the late ’80s and I was with my friends in an underground club in Hollywood. I closed my eyes and let myself just dance. Memories flooded. I felt transported. I felt elated. I felt blissful. I may add this to my routine, post-workout, in the garage. Nostalgic dance party.

Anything that makes me feel blissful right now is worth it.

Today I’m wearing throwback ’70’s inspired burgundy bellbottom corduroy pants with a O-zipper, paired up with a crop top pink tee-shirt. It is bringing on those underground Hollywood club feelings something fierce. Sometimes it helps to get dressed up in a fun way, even when stuck in quarantine. Even when working from home. Even if it is just a Tuesday.

Lovecats The Cure SOTD

“Lovecats” by The Cure
from the album, Japanese Whispers (1983)
Song Of The Day

“We’re so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully
wonderfully pretty!
Oh you know that I’d do anything for you.
We should have each other to tea huh?
We should have each other with cream,
then curl up by the fire,
and sleep for awhile.
It’s the grooviest thing.
It’s the perfect dream.”

Japanese Whispers was the first “album” I ever had of The Cure. It was more of a compilation album. A friend of mine gave it to me for my birthday. I’d heard a lot of other songs of theirs, taped them off the radio, and had my favorites – but this was the first album that was mine.

Japanese Whispers The Cure

I was in love with all the songs. All of them. But, “Lovecats” and “Let’s Go To Bed” were my favorites. I put them on so many mixtapes. So many.

“Lovecats” (from Bananas, 1984) by The Cure

Once upon a time there was never a mixtape made by me that didn’t have a song by The Cure. “Lovecats” was one of the most repeated players in my mixed-up menagerie of songs. There is something so carefree and damn danceable about this track. It doesn’t matter what kind of a foul mood I may be in, how stressed or anxious, this song will always make me feel better. Which is why it was my first choice to turn on this morning and dance around my garage to.

“Lovecats” is a turn up loud, car concert kind of song well suited for long drive playlists and flirtatious “I’m over the moon into you” mixtape/CD back in the day – the love/lust letter of my generation.

The Cure

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