The ABC's of Tori Amos

The ABC’s of Tori Amos

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The ABC’s of Tori Amos
A lyriquediscorde favorites playlist
A Monday Playlist

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“Amber Waves”
“Baker, Baker”
“Doughnut Song”
“Enjoy the Silence”
“Frog On My Toe”
“Gold Dust”
“Hey Jupiter” (Dakota Version)
“Jackie’s Strength”
“The Power of Orange Knickers” (featuring Damien Rice)
“Liquid Diamonds”
“Muhammed My Friend”
“Northern Lad”
“Ode to the Banana King (Part One)”
“Playboy Mommy”
“Beauty Queen/Horses”
“Raspberry Swirl”
“Silent All These Years”
“Tear In Your Hand”
“Upside Down”
“Yes, Anastasia”
“Mr. Zebra”

The ABC’s of Tori Amos


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