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Woke up to a sky full of grey fog, so thick you could barely see across the street. Due to not feeling 100% well, and having an early meeting at my son’s school, I opted to work from home. Monday had some good Music mail today, as my pre-ordered Album of Juliana Hatfield Covering Olivia Newton-John arrived from American Laundromat Records. I also found a website that I used to visit pretty much daily, a Lyric website with select Artists and Bands that introduced me to so much Music. I didn’t realize it was still around – Always On The Run – much less still active. One Artist on Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions list is a new discovery from the Site, and another is a discovery I made there years ago. I’m not sure where the rest of the day will lead, I’ve got a delicious Green Pear iced tea that I’m enjoying while I work and listen to Today’s 5 Songs. I still feel a bit under the weather, but Music and the sun finally coming out of the fog are making me feel more myself as the day unfolds.

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The first Song for Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions is a new Music discovery from Always On the Run. Kate Earl’s “Can’t Treat Me That Way” has a 90’s Trip Hop feel that I’m loving today. I”m looking forward to digging in deeper to Kate’s Music. Next up is a discovery from years ago that I made at Always On the Run,

A Guy Called Gerald, featuring Louise Rhodes “Humanity”. I haven’t heard this Song in too long. I forgot how I used to Obsessive over it back in 2000.

Track 3 is from Blondie’s 1978 Album, Parallel Lines, one of the first Albums I’ve ever bought. “Will Anything Happen?” is a Deep Track from the Album that I’m digging today. Its got a rougher edge than some of the other Songs on the Album that is just what Mondays need.

Next up is “Gepetto” from Belly’s 1993 Debut Album, Star. I’m getting so excited for Belly’s New Album that I’ve been binging on their past Music in a big way. This Track makes me miss my crushed velvet overalls and dancing around the living room of my old 1920’s apartment on Wilshire Blvd., in Fullerton. The hardwood floors were perfect to dance on, and the room always smelled of cloves and incense.

Last, but not least, is Olivia Newton-John’s “Have You Never Been Mellow”. I’m loving Juliana’s take on this Song so much. I can’t get enough of it! It’s not yet available on Spotify or YouTube, so I’m spinning Olivia’s original this afternoon. It immediately brings back my childhood bedroom, my roller skates and blue Schwinn bicycle, and my treasured Record Player.

Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day – April 2, 2018

1. “Can’t Treat Me That Way” by Kate Earl

Kate Earl Can't Treat Me That Way

2. “Humanity” by A Guy Called Gerald, featuring Louise Rhodes

A Guy Called Gerald Humanity featuring Louise Rhodes

3. “Will Anything Happen?” by Blondie

Blondie Willl Anything Happen

4. “Gepetto” by Belly

Belly Gepetto

5. “Have You Never Been Mellow” by Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John Have You Never Been Mellow

Let’s hear it for making it through Monday, and for making it a Music Monday. Hope you enjoyed Today’s Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Kate Earl, A Guy Called Gerald with Louise Rhodes, Blondie, Belly, and Olivia Newton-John.

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Top 5 Music Obsessions for the Week of April 2, 2018

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