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“Life’s A Gas” by T-Rex

“Life’s A Gas” is the 10th Track on T-Rex’s 1971 quintessential Album, Electric Warrior. I’m a huge T-Rex fan and have been ever since the late 80’s when I discovered and fell hard for Glam Rock. T-Rex’s Songs are a bit of Musical speculative fiction to me, a melding of reality and fantasy, of sense and nonsense, of other-worldly and of this world, and all those sparkly in-between bits, as well.

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Electric Warrior is the second studio by T-Rex, and their sixth if including the group’s earlier incarnation as Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Album marked a turning point in the band’s sound, dispensing with the folk-oriented music of the group’s previous albums and pioneering a flamboyant, pop-friendly Glam Rock. (from Wikipedia)

T-Rex Life's A Gas Song of the Day

“Life’s A Gas” by T-Rex
from the Album, Electric Warrior (1971)

“I could have loved you, girl, like a planet,
I could have chained your heart to a star.”

The opening Lyrics are my Favorite. Everything I love about Glam, and especially about Marc Bolan’s Glam contributions is right there. Otherworldly love and attraction grounded halfway in reality, and halfway up there in the stars. I can imagine what it’s like to love someone like a planet and to have your heart chained to a star, yet at the same time, I’m not sure I can imagine it completely, at all. Is it devotion? Fantasy? Something slightly sinister? Off-kilter? Dreamy? All of the above?

But, as Marc Sings, perhaps “it really doesn’t matter at all” because “Life’s A Gas”, much like the world is, and nothing is meant to last at all. Not even heart’s chained to a star

Life's A Gas T-Rex Song of the Day Lyriquediscorde

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I listened to Electric Warrior on 8-Track (thank you, 8-Track Paradise, after he did a few repairs (obsolete Music formats often need restoring). Though I’ve listened to this Album countless times, I was hearing it in a new way on 8-Track. Some of that was due to alternate Song order compared to the Vinyl I have, but some of it is because there is a different quality of sound when listening on restored 8-Track. The tape is thicker, the thickest you can hear Music on beyond Reel-to-Reel or in the actual Studio. You can hear different elements of each Song, and, for me, it was “Life’s A Gas” that was standing out this time around. The experience brought the Song to my attention more than it ever had before and added to the other-worldly, spacey, dreamy, Glam Rock reality that I love so much.

T-Rex 8-Track Tape Life's A Gas SOTD LD

“Life’s A Gas” (live) by T-Rex, with Cilla Black

What do you think of Today’s Song of the Day? Do you have a Favorite T-Rex Song?

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