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Top 10 George Michael Songs

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It’s that time again. Top Ten Tuesday time with another Top Ten Song List, by request. This time around its George Michael getting the Top Ten treatment thanks to Amber’s request. I was thrilled to get this request as I’ve been a fan of George’s since his days in Wham!, have seen him live a few times, met him once in the late 80’s at a dance club, and even owned and wore a “Choose Life” t-shirt when I was 16 years old. I know George’s music and voice and thought coming up with this list would be easy. I was wrong. Diving into his Songs with Wham, Solo, duets, and covers made me realize how many Songs of his I love and have so many memories attached to them. So many to choose from. This one was very hard to narrow down to 10. Also, it made me sad all over again that he’s gone. But, just as Music heals and soothes my own life, listening to these Songs heals and soothes the loss, too. There’s always Music.

Wham George Michael Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

I first heard George Michael’s voice at a friend’s house. We were having a sleepover/music marathon and she had just gotten the Wham! Album Fantastic. We couldn’t get enough of “Young Guns (Go For It!)” and”Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do!)”. We watched the Videos to both, learned the dance moves, and every word – singing and dancing-a-long. I’m not sure the social commentary on unemployment, “the dole”, and young marriage hit us at the time. We were too busy getting addicted to the catchy pop-soul sounds. And, admittedly, how attractive George was.

Around the time the second Wham! Album came out, Make It Big came out they had made it big. Everyone knew the Songs and so many people I knew had huge crushes on George. My Mom had a big one, too. The Songs were a bit more mainstream, but still catchy, poppy, and soulful.

Wham! George Michael Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Music for the Morning After had a slightly less impact on the charts, but in my house, it was just as big of a hit. My Mom had it spinning on the living room turntable all the time. I veered away at the time, obsessing over other Music, but I still knew the Songs and had my favorites. “I’m Your Man” was the standout from that Album, well, that and “Last Christmas”. I have very vivid memories of singing-a-long to both, in the car, with my Mom.

And then George went solo. Without a doubt, I know the Faith Album by heart, backward and forwards. These were Songs to dance to, to move to, to sing, to make out to, and to FEEL. There was freedom in these Songs, empowerment, and sexuality, – and I needed all of those strong feelings to beak out of things in my life that had damaged me, and held me back. This Album helped me in a lot of big ways.

George Michael Faith Top 10 Tuesday Lyriquediscorde

Listen Without Prejudice was the last Album of George’s that I truly embraced and loved. My All-Time Favorite George Song is on it, as are many others that I love, and that has helped me in my life. I think sometimes I forget what these Songs, and George Micheal has meant to me. But, in compiling this list I’m sure remembering.

Here are my Favorite George Michael Songs – My Top 10. What are some of your Favorites?

GM Top 10 LD

Top Ten George Michael Songs
Top Ten Tuesday

1. “Freedom ’90” by George Michael
from the Album, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

2. “Everything She Wants” (Remix) by Wham!
Originally from the Album, Make It Big (1984)

3. “I Want Your Sex Pts. 1 and 2” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

4. “Father Figure” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

5. “Praying For Time” by George Michael
from the Album, Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (1990)

6. “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” (live) by George Michael and Elton John
from Live Aid (1985)

7. “Young Guns (Go For It)” by Wham!
from the Album, Fantastic (1983)

8. “I’m Your Man” by Wham!
from the Album, Music from the Edge of Heaven (1986)

9. “Faith” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

10. “One More Try” by George Michael
from the Album, Faith (1987)

George Michael Top Ten Tuesday LD

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