Give Me Five...Featuring Jamila Woods

Give Me Five…Featuring Jamila Woods

Saturday morning, and I’m feeling foggy and scattered. I’m trying to tether myself to myself a bit, trying to find a center, a grounding, a place to be able to focus on writing. Creating. Plotting. I seem able to journal, to purge words, thoughts, random feelings, but I’m struggling to hone it all in to something else. I’m setting time aside for it today though, not that the muse is always that willing. I’m trying to summon her. Coffee. Music. What else will help? I don’t know.

For now, I’m trying to warm up here. Five songs. Some words. My fingers on the keys.

Give Me Five – April 3, 2021

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Song 1: “Holy” by Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods "Holy" GMF
“Holy” by Jamila Woods – from the album, HEVN (2017)

“Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me,
with my mind set on loving me.”

Something I need to remember. Something I need to try/am trying. I’m not so fond of me most days though. Most days I find me hard to find.

Loving this song this morning though. The song feels like morning, to me. Songs about the morning, songs that feel like the morning – I may need to put a playlist together like that.

To hear more of Jamila, and to help support her music, go here.

Jamila Woods "Holy" GMF - Song 1

Song 2: “You Beat Me To the Punch” by Mary Wells

Mary Wells "You Beat Me To the Punch" GMF

“You Beat Me To the Punch” by Mary Wells – from the album, The One Who Really Loves You (1962)

“That day,
I first saw you passing by.
I wanted,
to ask your name but…
I was much too shy.
But I was looking at you so hard,
that you must have had a hunch.”

Those first blush feelings of falling for someone. The flush of attraction, the hesitation, the desire. So palpable. So fleeting. I feel like those feelings are captured here, in this song.

Mary Wells "You Beat Me To the Punch" GMF - Song 2

Song 3: “Hardline” by Julien Baker

Julien Baker "Hardline" GMF

“Hardline” by Julien Baker – from the album, Little Oblivions (2021)

“Until then I’ll split the difference,
between medicine and poison,
take what I can get away with,
while it burns right through my stomach.”

This one makes me cry today.

I feel it too much. Too much. Too deep.

Medicine and poison. Music tethering me, and me, trying to float away.

Some days I feel so lost.

To hear more of Julien, and to support her music, go here.

Julien Baker "Hardline" GMF - Song 3

Song 4: “Blue Hotel” by Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak "Blue Hotel" GMF
“Blue Hotel” by Chris Isaak – from the album, Chris Isaak (1987)

“Blue hotel,
on a lonely highway.
Blue hotel,
life don’t work out my way.”

This song reminds me of a Lynch movie. Wild at Heart, or watching episodes of Twin Peaks in that upstairs apartment, on Wilshire. Back when things were so simple. Back when things were so complicated.

This song makes me long for a road trip.

For a stay at a roadside rest. Hotel. Motel. With a gift shop. Postcards. Snow globes. Wish you were here’s.

To hear more of Chris, and to support his music, go here.

Chris Isaak "Blue Hotel" GMF - Song 4

Song 5: “Ride It On” by Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star Ride It On GMF
“Ride It On” by Mazzy Star – from the album, She Hangs Brightly (1990)

“Did you want me to love you?
Well, I’m just here for the cause.
And you said that you’re so low.
Well, I won’t really do you any harm.”

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I turned on some music. This song came on and I thought to myself, I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to this one. I’ve been very into Mazzy lately, and this song – well – it filled me up in the middle of the night, and had me spun out in memories. Some visited often, some almost forgotten.

I can’t stop listening.

Mazzy Star Ride It On GMF Song 5

What are you listening to today?

Would you recommend something for me to listen to?


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