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“I See Monsters” by Ryan Adams

Some of my favorite songs that have a tinge of the melancholic to them, as well as a bit of hope layered in. I love songs that are realistic, and life song that are not weighed down to heavily with bitterness. It’s a precarious balance, that’s for sure. But, when it’s hit on just right I end up falling in love with the song, truly and completely.

“I See Monsters” by Ryan Adams – from the album, Love Is Hell (2004)

“Oh, oh but when she calls,
I know she’s the one.
Makes me want her harder,
makes me want to be a little stronger.
I see monsters.”

“I See Monsters” by Ryan Adams
from the album, Love Is Hell (2004)
Song Of The Day – March 15, 2011

“I See Monsters”, to me, is about the shadows and monsters that haunt us all. They are the collected creatures from our past, our pain, our insecurities, and our disappointments. They follow us whether we want them to, or not. Even when we find something, or someone, that is what we want, and even though it may all be working, we sometimes still see the monstesr.

I think acknowledging the monsters presence in our life makes us stronger. Perhaps we aren’t able to slay them with one quick slash of a dagger, but maybe, through time and persistence, we’ll be able to tame them. Or, if not tame, find a way to live amongst the monsters, sorting out a way to have their presence not hurt, but make you even more resilient.

Also, though I honestly believe that love is incredible and vital and amazing, it does not cure everything. It’s not a miracle drug. It’s not even a giant band-aid. But, it is some of the good stuff of life, and if we see it in perspective and realize what it can do (it certainly can soothe and help while healing) and what it can’t (it’s not the conqueror of all evils. It won’t slay our dragons for us) we have a better chance of making the love work.

At least that’s what my monsters and I choose to believe.

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