Pete Yorn at The Belly Up Tavern :: You and Me Extended Tour

How much does a venue affect a show? How much does the energy of an audience? These are the questions I pondered on my way home after Pete Yorn's night at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. I had never been to this venue, though I'd heard of it a few times over the years (open since 1974). This may have taken over the top slot of my favorite venues. The sound, the space and the overall feel of the place is as near to perfect as I've ever encountered, and it suited Pete's stripped down, one-man, no set-list show perfectly. The crowd, too, were as incredible as the place itself. The energy swirled and soared through the room, cheers and collected voices singing-a-long in such unison that one would almost think the lot of us were part of the show's "chorus". It is rare to experience that kind of connection of different people together, a bit of magic that music provided, I like to think.

Pete Yorn at The Constellation Room :: You and Me Extended Tour

Pete Yorn at The Constellation Room, Wednesday, April 22, 2015 You and Me Extended Tour :: California There is nothing quite like the anticipation of a performance. The buzz filling the room that mixes with the cacophony of half-heard conversations, pre-show playlists, and the tease of lights going on and off that causes everyone to …

Pete Yorn’s You and Me California Tour

If you are in California you should go now and pick up a ticket to see Pete Yorn this upcoming April. The "You and Me" tour is a night of Pete Yorn with a guitar (and harmonica at times) and no defined set-list, just songs requested and songs that seem right each night. I highly recommend a show, or two, or hey, join lyriquediscorde and go to three of them.