Indulging in my self defeat :: SOTD

SOTD :: Steal My Sunshine :: Len "Now the fuzzy stare, from not being there , on a confusing morning week - impaired my tribal lunar speak. And, of course you can't become, if you only say what you would have done - so I missed a million miles of fun."

There’s nothing left to lose :: SOTD

SOTD :: Don't Wanna Cry :: Pete Yorn “I know men aren't supposed to act this way, but things they got too real; I couldn't stay. Now I know one day we will both feel good.. But if I could be with you, you know I would. ”

Casting shadows on my face :: SOTD :: TBT

SOTD :: Wait :: Alexi Murdoch "Cause everywhere I seem to be, I am only passing through. I dream these days about the sea, always wake up, feeling blue; wishing I could dream of you."