30 Day Challenge :: Come out and play

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 12 :: A Song From A Band You Hate My least favorite band did not start that way, in fact, there was this one song that I actually loved and used to dance around to in that last apartment that I shared with my oldest daughter’s father. She would be in her infant seat, her feet bopping up and down to the music, and I would spin around the living room in my long, crushed velvet skirts, scream-singing this song, wishing I could spin myself far, far away. I did eventually, with her along with … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge :: Come out and play

30 day song challenge :: Least favorite

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day¬†2 :: Your Least Favorite Song I do not know what it is about this song, but from the very first time I heard it I despised it. There is something so loathsome about it to me, and desperately ugly, that I cannot even listen to the entire song as I write this post. My distaste for this song is so strong that I have never been able to really listen to The Offspring since. As soon as the singer’s voice kicks in I hear this song, and my stomach flips. Self-Esteem :: The Offspring Continue reading 30 day song challenge :: Least favorite