The Letter C :: Friday Five

Friday Five, lyriquediscorde

The Letter C :: Friday Five Let's get alphabetical for this Friday Music Friday Five. What are your favorite songs, albums, artists and bands that start with the letter C? Can you name a few of them without looking? Can you close your eyes and alphabetize your favorite Music, pulling out the C's you love the most?

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 3/16/17

My 5 Music Obsessions of the Day, M5MO

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day for Thursday meet at the crossroads of dance and chill, infusing "Friday Eve" with an eclectic energy of Music to help get us through the day. It starts out with a new track off of the anticipated new album from Goldfrapp. From there we here some Chemical Brothers, who enlisted some help from Beck. Flunk comes around to spin this mix of Top 5 Songs around. Daughter grasps hands with M83 to take us into a breathing space, easing our minds and soothing us into the flow of another busy day. Turn these two up loud though. Just because they are melodic and mellow, does not mean they do not benefit from some booming sounds. You can click to listen to each video below, or choose the Spotify link to listen to the My Top 5 Song Obsessions of the Day :: Top Five playlist. I add each five songs shared to the playlist each day, so the playlist evolves as the week