My Top 300 Movies :: 181-185

181. The Way Way Back I love the unexpected joy of discovering a movie you know nothing about ahead of time and having it be one of those movies that you just get, and that just gets you, and it soon becomes one of your all-time favorites. This has so many things I love in it: … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 181-185

I had to close my eyes :: VOTD

Little Star :: Stina Nordenstam from the album, Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack Directed by Michel Gondry Chances are, if you know Stina Nordenstam from anywhere, it will be from this one song. Little Star appeared not only on Stina Nordenstam's And She Closed Her Eyes, but the soundtrack for Romeo + Juliet, which turns out to be quite … Continue reading I had to close my eyes :: VOTD