Who suspect they could never love anyone

Perhaps I should have been a therapist. I have always been able to read people quickly, a skill that came from being the shyest one in the room as a child and adolescent, and also, I think, from seeing so much darkness as a child in people, seeing what they were capable of. I also know that it was honed even further in my late teens and early twenties both from my acting classes and from successfully hiding a drug habit. Trust me, learn to lie well and you will know how to read people well. Perhaps that would not go down in the books of advice oh “how o get along with others”, but those are the things that made me as intuitive with others as I am. Continue reading Who suspect they could never love anyone

My Top 300 :: 31-35

31. Whip It! A movie that completely captures friendship and a sense of family found outside of your family, both themes that I tend to love in movies and books when I find it. There is a plethora of great performances in this, especially from two favorites of mine, Ellen Page and Juliette Lewis. This is one of my go-to movies when I need cheering up. Boys Wanna Be Her :: Peaches 32. Almost Famous Everything about this movie I love, love to the point of wishing I could spend a day in this movie, riding around with the band on … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 31-35

Somebody told him he’s good for nothing :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: “Dysmorphic” :: Art by Vincent Hui “And we both know, that people change, when truth’s not part of their lives; I’ve seen the love in their eyes, don’t say goodbye, goodbye.“ The saddest thing I have ever seen is defeated eyes. The most tragic words I have ever heard are “what if”. There is nothing left but regret when you give up a dream without ever giving it a chance. If nothing else, I hope I teach my children that. Take a deep breath, hold your head high, swallow your fear, and try. And, always remember, … Continue reading Somebody told him he’s good for nothing :: song of the day

The 80’s :: I’ll be alone, dancing

“Will you stand above me? Look my way, never love me? Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling, down, down, down.” History lesson: The 1985 song is best known for its integral inclusion in the John Hughes’ film, The Breakfast Club, known now as the movie’s unofficial theme song, playing both at the start and the end of the film. The songwriters, Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff approached various artists to record the song for the film, Cy Curnin from The Fixx, Bryan Ferry and Billy Idol to name them, and they all refused (though Idol would release a cover version, in 2001). Schiff then suggested Forsey ask the Scottish New … Continue reading The 80’s :: I’ll be alone, dancing

Giving me everything inside and out :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

The Breakfast Club (1985) The combination of John Hughes and Molly Ringwald, on film, has a permanent, unshakeable place in my heart, due in part to Molly and I being the same age, and having these movies as markers of my own past, reminders of how they were life preservers and confidantes to me once upon a time, too. It is also due largely to the fact that everything about these films captured what it meant to be a teenager, the writing, the characters, the language – both verbal and physical, and, of course, the music. The music in these … Continue reading Giving me everything inside and out :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday