Indulging in my self defeat :: SOTD

SOTD :: Steal My Sunshine :: Len

“Now the fuzzy stare,
from not being there ,
on a confusing morning week –
impaired my tribal lunar speak.

And, of course you can’t become,
if you only say what you would have done –
so I missed a million miles of fun.” Continue reading Indulging in my self defeat :: SOTD

Indulging in my self-defeat

keep art alive; art by joshua petker The summer song. you know the kind, it sticks to your skin like humidity, like melted ice cream dripping down your fingers, like a lip-gloss kiss. The summer song is typically catchy, pop-music candy; low on lyrical significance, but high on addictive melodies. The chorus is key. Repetition and sing-a-long ease are the necessary ingredients, and a comfortable dose of simplicity. The song needs to have cross-over potential, not just between musical genres, but generations, too. It needs to have the hip-factor, the mainstream appeal, and some other something that pushes the song … Continue reading Indulging in my self-defeat

New music, turn up the volume and have a listen :: Foxes

Foxes On first listen, to the song Youth, I feel Louisa Rose Allen (AKA Foxes) is a little bit Florence, a little bit Lights and a little bit Snow Patrol; at least that is my initial musical comparison. That said, the stark and melancholic Home calls immediately to mind Stina Nordenstam’s Little Star, a favorite of mine from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack (1996). I love new music, and I am ever curious at what the “Summer songs” of the year will be. Foxes EP Warrior is set to be released on June 19th and I am marking her down … Continue reading New music, turn up the volume and have a listen :: Foxes