It’s in everything we do :: SOTD

“But we’re trash you and me.  We’re the litter on the breeze. We’re the lovers on the streets. Just trash, me and you.” Do you ever have one of those moments where you pick up a book and randomly, by chance, open to a page and just see what it says? And that something you find is just what you needed to see, or feel, right at that very moment? Or, have you ever had one of those conversations with some one, either in-person or in-writing, and the words exchanged are similar, if not the same? Like those couples that … Continue reading It’s in everything we do :: SOTD

The Skyline shines :: Songs and prose

The city never gave us much of a chance, and neither did I, I suppose, too many broken pieces that were not yet glued together, too many expectations, and too small of space to allow for us to settle in with each other Perhaps I am peering into this part of the story because for a good long time I pretended to erase the memories, most of the time I am Clementine, but other times I try to recall that perhaps I was once like Lisa to Matthew, or Trixie to Jacob Grace,  until I screwed it up as I … Continue reading The Skyline shines :: Songs and prose