New Release Tuesday :: My Top 5 :: October 14, 2014

New Release Tuesday :: My Top 5 :: October 4, 2014 1. Rose Ave. :: You + Me Three-Sentence Review: Delightfully unexpected, in that way where I keep thinking “I never knew I wanted to hear P!nk like this, but damn it, I do.” A passion project created by City & Colour and Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green and Alecia Moore (better known as P!nk) is gorgeous, intimate duets reminiscent of The Civil Wars and the pairing of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. Green’s voice is light and lovely, and in the same lane as Bon Iver and Iron and Wine, and Alecia is restrained, but … Continue reading New Release Tuesday :: My Top 5 :: October 14, 2014

At least the war is over

  A hiatus, one could call it. An overall disenchantment with social media could be part of it. It might also be the empty feeling I get sometimes pouring so much of myself in this public facing space and hearing mostly the cacophony of crickets. I miss interaction. I miss conversation. I miss creating with other artists. One could say a muse has crept in and grabbed hold of my creativity. The hold it has on me, the way I feel cord connected to this burst of inspiration, could be a culprit to my disappearance, as well. I could be … Continue reading At least the war is over

New Music Review :: Stars :: The North

The North :: Stars I discovered Stars originally through Zach Braff, either from one of his films or some connected community. I used to say that I wanted Zach Braff to make me a mix tape, and I still feel strongly about that. Your Ex-Lover is Dead soon became a favorite song of mine, one of those bittersweet songs that delivers the right kind of punch when I have felt sad and heartbroken, served up with a smile and a side of jaded regret. Their songs are both beautiful and bitter, like a strong cup of coffee early in the … Continue reading New Music Review :: Stars :: The North

For the love of movies :: Daydream Nation

Daydream Nation (2010) written & directed by Michael Goldbach Anchor Bay Recently I was reminiscing on 90’s indie films, and how much I loved and enjoyed them. Back when I worked at Tower Records, and even for awhile after, when I would peruse the DVD rental shelves with the intent of finding a new indie movie discovery. This habit of mine continued into the early nineties, especially during one Summer in 2002, right after I had my younger daughter, and I spent time haunting this small, family run rental store in downtown Ann Arbor and searching for unknown indie gems. … Continue reading For the love of movies :: Daydream Nation