Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack

Some Kind of Wonderful Soundtrack Saturdays

Some movie soundtracks transcend the film they are part of. Though Some Kind of Wonderful is one of my favorite John Hughes' movies, it's not among the universally agreed upon "best John Hughes", not like The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, 16 Candles, and even Pretty In Pink are. For some reason, Some Kind …

Now if you don’t mind :: Random Song of the day

Leave (live) :: Glen Hansard originally from the soundtrack album to Once (2007) "Let go of my hand, you said you came to, now leave." It always happens, the unexpected mention of your name, and the flood begins. I keep thinking I'm done feeling, feeling you, feeling sadness, feeling loss, feeling love, feeling anything at all for you. But as the song sings, truth has a habit of falling out of your mouth, or in this case, out of my everything. Maybe it will never leave, these feelings, this sense of loss, the pain that shoots through me like an poison arrow, or a close-range bullet, at the mere mention of your name.

If you walk out on me :: VOTD

Walking After You :: Foo Fighters from the album, The Colour and the Shape as well as the soundtrack to The X-Files The Album directed by Matthew Rolston Walking After You is a 1998 single from the Foo Fighters and appears on The X-Files: The Album, the soundtrack to the original X Files movie. An earlier version of the song first …