Friday Five :: Songs about hands

Eyes, mouths and hands have always been my favorite features in people. They are the things I notice first, the points of attraction, the parts of a body I am forever drawn to, and fascinated by. Eyes and mouths I feel have been written about often, the eyes being windows to the soul, the mouth being this point of connection, of communication, of sustenance, and on another Friday in another week I will dedicate this space to my praises, but for this week, today, I want to celebrate hands. Continue reading Friday Five :: Songs about hands

Friday Five :: Songs about Chicago

Songs About Chicago For the month of September I will be picking a city to do a Top 5 Songs of Post for the weekly Friday Five theme. The third¬†installment is a city that is full of mixed feelings and bittersweet memories for me, a city that I tried and failed to live in twice, a city where I fell out of love and in love, made some significant mistakes, had incredible times with friends, and grew incredibly attached to the trains and one little dive bar with the best jukebox I’ve ever encountered. I will get back there someday, … Continue reading Friday Five :: Songs about Chicago

My Top 300 :: 26-30

26.¬†Desperately Seeking Susan One of my closest friends in life was, well actually still is, a huge Madonna fan. We met when I was 17 and she was 15, and her voracious love of Madonna was contagious, and I indulged in many album plays and replays, practiced dance moves and styles, a concert or two, and all of her movies. This one was always my favorite. Into the Groove :: Madonna 27. Bringing Up Baby I have suffered with insomnia since I was four years old, which though has come with a lot of challenges and negative issues, it has … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 26-30

A frightening magic I cling to :: song of the day

“You’re cinematic, razor sharp, a welcome arrow through the heart, under your skin feels like home, electric shocks on aching bones. Give me a chance to hold on, give me a chance to hold on, give me a chance to hold on, just give me something to hold onto.” Dreams of crooked tooth smiles and music blaring through car stereo speakers. A borrowed car, a dusty blue station wagon like we had when I was a child. We were speeding through the desert, wind kicking up smoke spirals and waves of heat around us. You tell me that you have … Continue reading A frightening magic I cling to :: song of the day

Tell me that you’ll open your eyes :: songs and contemplations

“Every minute from this minute now, we can do what we like anywhere. I want so much to open your eyes, ’cause I need you to look into mine.” I was thinking this morning how most of the time in our everyday lives, especially in terms of one-on-one relationships, we are terrible listeners. But, more than that, we are neglectful viewers, too. We either look away at the wrong time, open our eyes when we should shield them, and more often than not, shut them tightly when we should be paying attention. How many times have you asked yourself, or … Continue reading Tell me that you’ll open your eyes :: songs and contemplations

Snow Patrol :: Eyes Open :: My Favorite Albums

Eyes Open (2006) :: Snow Patrol This album still stings of love lost and the shards and splinters that breaking apart from someone leaves within. There are truths of my own buried in so many of these songs, a wistfulness that echoes a “could have been” sentiment that often I just do not want to hear, or feel. Truth is, though, I do love this album so very much. Occasionally I stumble upon one of the songs, and when it comes, be it in the middle of a sunlit day, or bouncing off the city lights in a night sky, … Continue reading Snow Patrol :: Eyes Open :: My Favorite Albums

As if you have a choice :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: “Submerge” :: Art by Linnea Strid Shake and Submerge¬† (by me) Stumble halfheartedly through the day-to-day, picking up strays. thoughts, grey hair, memories. Sometimes it all appears to me like a snapshot, of someone else’s lace to be. I am just a shadow reflected on the wall. Stuck, in the flickering brush of your lashes, on your rosy blushed cheeks. I wonder how we ended up in this carousel ride, circling around, flailing, arms in the air, eyes closed, mesmerized. Did I once roll an ice blue pair of dice, fished out of the bottom of … Continue reading As if you have a choice :: song of the day