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“6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: SOTD

"6 Underground" :: Sneaker Pimps :: SOTD from the album, Becoming X (1996) "6 Underground" :: Sneaker Pimps "I'm open... to falling from grace." "6 Underground" :: Sneaker Pimps :: Song of the Day :: About the Song: Today's Song of the Day comes from Sneaker Pimps. A nineties trip-hop/pop hit from the 1996 album, Becoming X.  "6 … Continue reading “6 Underground” :: Sneaker Pimps :: SOTD

Don’t think ‘cos I understand, I care :: VOTD

6 Underground :: Sneaker Pimps directed by Toby Tremlett 6 Underground is from the 1996 studio album Becoming X. It was first released as a single in the United Kingdom in October 1996, where it reached # 15 on the UK Singles Chart and had moderate radio airplay in the United States. After the song … Continue reading Don’t think ‘cos I understand, I care :: VOTD