My Top 300 Movies :: 161-165

161. 500 Days of Summer Each time I watch this film I respond differently, and find myself switching between who I relate with more. The ending, a once “hopeful” misread is now something I see more as a “repeated behavior” blindness, as much as we hope Tom learns from his relationship with Summer, in as much as we hope we learn from past relationships, he meets the next one and it is the same reaction, over again (this is the “ending” that Joseph Gordon Levitt has defined that it is to be taken, as well – not that I don’t … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 161-165

It can’t be that bad :: Video of the day

If It Makes You Happy :: Sheryl Crow I am in love with the lyrical refrains in this song (love lines like “listen to Coltrane, derail your own train“), the spirit of the chorus, and the intensity of the video. The use of color, camera shots and Sheryl’s animal prints all add to the power of the words in the song, to me. The idea that Sheryl is a museum exhibit resonates with me in a way that we tend to all lock ourselves up in self-made restrictions, judgements and insecurities that can hinder us from being happy. I want … Continue reading It can’t be that bad :: Video of the day