Friday Five :: Songs about home

Friday Five :: Songs about home Home is something that I've spent my life searching for, but rarely found. Not that I haven't lived in many places, the home I grew up in, my Grandparents' home, my first apartment, subsequent apartments to follow, a house in Salt Lake City, a house in Michigan, a shared tiny space in Chicago, to the house I live in now, and a few in-between, but most have not felt like home to me. My restless, gypsy spirit lights fires in my insides that urges me to keep moving, to keep searching, to keep changing, and most days I follow it. The only problem is, the constant search keeps me in an state of limbo that I can never feel settled within. If I am always in that self-created "purgatory", ever waiting for a goal to be accomplished, or a destination reached, only to create a new one, then how can I ever find the feeling of home I seek?

My Top Songs for a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony :: MusicListography

List the songs to play for a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists Listen via Spotify Playlist – Here Editor’s Note: Though I have been married three times, I have never had a real wedding or commitment ceremony, or reception. That said, I've put together many playlists for other …

Bring it on home to me

Some time last year I split my blog up into multiple blogs, leaving this space to be solely devoted to music. The name of the space means lyrical discord, after all, but limiting the space, and splintering off in so many directions, meant that all the others tended to fall into neglect because this space here has my heart, and it is where I always return to. It is my writing home and try to focus my attentions on other writing, my education and a job change that is just about to start, I have decided to bring all the separate spaces, and lyriquediscorde off-springs and spin-offs, back home again.

Sam Cooke :: My Favorite Artists

Sam Cooke :: My Favorite Artists I was nineteen the first time I really listened to Sam Cooke. I'm sure his music had been in my life before then, but in more of a musical adjacency, than in my conscious music reality. I have vague memories of singing the lyrics "don't know much about history" as a little girl, but I wouldn't have been able to tell you who sang the song. It was at nineteen, though, that I got my first record store job and started to become exposed to a variety of people's taste in music, not just the music I grew up with, and had sought out (so far) on my own. The experience was much like going to a foreign country, or a new city, or spending the night at a friend's house for the first time in that it expands your horizons, and makes the world suddenly seem so much bigger. I was surprised at some of the music I fell for. Music that before that had been in categories, or genres, that I didn't associate myself with, and I was digging the new discoveries, and the different sides in myself I was discovering, too.

I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel :: A New York Playlist

I remember you well at the Chelsea Hotel :: A New York Playlist listen here at Spotify Fuel :: Ani DiFranco New York, New York :: Ryan Adams Twistin' the Night Away :: Sam Cooke You Don't Mess Around With Jim ;: Jim Croce 6th Avenue Heartache :: The Wallflowers Arthur's Theme :: Christopher Cross …

Listen as the Summer Ends :: A Saturday Playlist

 Listen as the Summer ends :: A Saturday Playlist listen here at Spotify Sodajerk :: Buffalo Tom Kim :: Ryan Adams Palomine :: Bettie Serveert Dream a Little Dream of Me :: Zee Avi Fall Down :: Toad The Wet Sprocket It Ain't Me Babe :: Bob Dylan Favorite T :: The Lemonheads Body :: …

It’s been a long time coming :: Song of the day

“It’s been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.” I am known to say things like “it will get better”, and most of the time I actually believe it. The worst of times have come into my life, but they have always passed eventually, and everytime something amazing has followed. …