My Top 300 Movies :: 156-160

156. Ruby Sparks I was attracted at first to this film because it is about a writer and an unexpected/unconventional “love” story, but honestly, there is so much more to this film than just a writer’s love story. This film contains one of the most soul-crushing, painful scenes I have ever watched, but it also contains some of the most inspiring moments, and thoughtful interactions that had me contemplating free will, desire, control, real love, individuality, and what makes a person a person. Unique storytelling at its finest, this is one that hits me differently with every re-watch, and inspires … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 156-160

Have we met? :: Ruby Sparks

2. Ruby Sparks (2012) movies seen in 2013 Ca Plane Pour Moi :: Plastic Bertrand I knew pretty quickly that Ruby Sparks would wind up on my list of favorite movies. There is something so me in this film, so what I love, so in my movie loving wheelhouse. My oldest daughter, who watched it with me, said pretty much the same thing to me as it ended, that it was very much a “me movie“, especially the writer part of who I am. I could not agree more. There were parts of this movie that reminded me of Eternal … Continue reading Have we met? :: Ruby Sparks