Robert Francis :: Now Hear This

I stumbled upon the song Junebug, and it resonated so deeply with me that I couldn’t stop listening to it for months. From that one song I dove into musical discovery of Robert Francis’ music, and fell hard for his album Strangers in the First Place. He has a way with storytelling that crawls beneath my skin and stays stuck there, hanging on tight to my emotions, and bringing to the surface so many memories.   He has a new album out now, too, which is different than his previous three releases. He is backed by a new band, The Night … Continue reading Robert Francis :: Now Hear This

I went so far too love you :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Christine #14 Hollywood CA 2006 :: Photography by Lisa Sarfati “My little alibi, time couldn’t change us, but we tried.” She is an afterthought, the smoky residue of too many cigarettes on a sleepless night in a hotel room now empty, the aftertaste of whiskey, vanilla, tobacco, and something unmistakably her. All that’s left is the shadows of her, the marks on the bed sheets her body made, a wrinkle in time, a time in your life that you never plan to return to. But you still think of her in the middle of the night, waking … Continue reading I went so far too love you :: SOTD

Albums to survive the apocalypse to :: My top 10 favorite albums of 2012

My Top 10 Albums of 2012 ‘Tis that ending time of year when everyone is writing up their best of lists. With my love of lists, how could I resist? Following are my top 10 list of favorite album of 2012. In lyriquediscorde style, each album on the list will include a three-sentence shout out, as well as a song sample, and a link to each artist’s website. If you like what you hear I heartily encourage you to go out and buy the album either at a local record store (please keep them alive), or through various online music … Continue reading Albums to survive the apocalypse to :: My top 10 favorite albums of 2012

I remember everything :: Video of the day

Junebug :: Robert Francis I love discovering new music and new artists, it is one of the biggest bliss inducing things in my life. This morning I stumbled upon Robert Francis and his music, and was floored near immediately. His songs and style aer so in my musical wheelhouse, a Los Angeles local with a sound reminiscent of Ryan Adams and Pete Yorn, two of my all-time favorites, and also very Los Angeles (well, the Los Angeles that I know and love most days, and not so much other days) in his lyrical storytelling. Next Thursday I have get the … Continue reading I remember everything :: Video of the day