My Top 300 Movies :: 146-150

146. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang If I had my way there would be a Los Angeles based noir style detective series spun from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with Val Kimer, Robert Downey, Jr. and Michelle Monaghan reprising their roles, and yes, they would be the three detectives. I would watch Gay Perry, Harry and Harmony solve murder mysteries and search out missing persons while trading witty banter and tossing sarcasm around to each other, every day, all day – it would be so fantastic. This is one of those movies I can watch every day, all day, and never grow tired … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 146-150

Oh Winter is coming :: Song of the Day (Advent Calendar Version – Day 1)

This Holiday Season my family decided to do individual Advent Calendars this December, each one reflective of one of our interests. My Son’s is a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar, my younger Daughter a nail polish a day, my oldest Daughter’s a 7″ vinyl single each day, for my Husband, a different beer from around the World a day, and for me, a song and a picture(s) to go along with it, selected by my oldest daughter. As part of mine, I decided to dedicate the next 24 days of “Song of the Day” to my Advent song and picture(s) of the … Continue reading Oh Winter is coming :: Song of the Day (Advent Calendar Version – Day 1)

You know that I’m aware :: song of the day

Keep Art Alive :: “Bat” :: Art by Michael Ramstead “In the day, you have someone, who can be true and all of fun, in the dark, you’re never gone; in the dark, you’re never done.” I have an insomnia hangover, I think. My eyes hurt and I am feeling more than a little melancholic; though, I am quite sure that the lack of sleep is adding to the grey melancholy feel of the day. This song was the first one of the morning, and it fit my sleepy-eyed blues. The weather worked itself into the sounds, as well, and … Continue reading You know that I’m aware :: song of the day

Love in these modern times :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :: Soundtrack Shout Out Although this is more of a holiday film, there are still songs in the soundtrack that I love all-year round. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is forever on my list of favorite films, a movie that has so many things I love – humor, flawed and wonderful characters, a real romance, friendship, emotion and vulnerability, and damn good writing – it is also one of my favorite “Los Angeles” movies (stay tuned, that may be March’s Movie Moment Theme!). Oh, and the movie also stars Robert Downey, Jr., an actor who has had … Continue reading Love in these modern times :: Soundtrack Shout Out Wednesday

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :: Monday Movie Moments

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) “Its hard to believe it was just last Christmas that Harmony and I changed the world. And we didn’t mean to and it didn’t last long. You know a thing like that can’t.” ~ Harry I stumbled upon this movie completely by accident on a movie night that an ex-roommate and I were having. If I remember correctly we stumbled on it via on-demand and my love of Robert Downey, Jr. and her love of Val Kilmer made it a win-win choice. I fell in love with this movie and it quickly became one of … Continue reading Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :: Monday Movie Moments

I wish I had a river

River :: Robert Downey, Jr. “I’m so hard to handle, I’m selfish and I’m sad, now I’ve gone and lost the best baby that I ever had.” I love covers which are a switch of gender from the original. There is something so interesting in the differences, and samenesses, of a song sung by an opposite, and it is in the in-betweens of different and same that I think draws me in the most. This version, sung by my all-time favorite actor, feels more sad and heartbroken, and tugs on my own love gone wrong/love lost memories. It reminds me … Continue reading I wish I had a river