Pump Up the Volume :: MOTD :: Top 5 Soundtrack Songs

What makes an unforgettable movie soundtrack? Is it the mix of songs that are collected and offered up to take home and play, evoking the memories of scenes and characters every time you listen? Does the right soundtrack elevate the movie its from, sometimes taking on a life of its own, or at times is a good soundtrack even better than the film itself? For me, my favorite movie soundtracks play like a well-crafted mix or playlist. The songs start and fade, weaving together into something seamless, that delights and surprises.

1990 :: The Year In Movies :: Throwback Thursday

Wicked Game :: Chris Isaak with scenes from Wild at Heart1990 :: The Year In Movies Throwback ThursdayPart two of 1990’s Throwback Thursday feature is My Top 10 movies of 1990. The list is made-up of movies I saw at the theater or drive-in, movies that were released in 1990. The list is also comprised … Continue reading 1990 :: The Year In Movies :: Throwback Thursday

My Top 300 Movies :: 96-100

96. Stand By Me There was a time, when I was a young girl, when my best friends were the neighborhood boys who lived along with me on our small cul-de-sac. We had adventures, had long conversations and made up elaborate stories, some of them scary, together. I never had friendships like that again as a … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 96-100