Run Rosie Run

Run Rosie Run Writings They kissed goodbye under their last roadside attraction below the shadow of a paint-peeling dinosaur its underbelly the only refuge from the middle of SUmmer desert heat he would say later that the sun-scorched her heart that all that dust in her lungs made her run Rosie bought a tiny souvenir … Continue reading Run Rosie Run

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“Two of Us on the Run” :: Lucius :: SOTD

"Two of Us on the Run" :: Lucius
from the album, Wildewoman (2014)

“Our favorite parts are what we’ll keep,
ornamental parts of love,
and parts of memories,
so everything else has room to grow.
‘Cause in better light,
everything changes.”

About the Song:

"Two of Us on the Run" is track 7 from Lucius debut album, Wildewoman. Mom + Pop Music released the album in North America in October 2013. Play It Again Sam released the album in UK and Europe, Australia, and Japan in March 2013.

Jess Wolf and Holly Laessig are the lead voices of Lucius. The band also includes drummer Dan Molad, guitarist Peter Lalish, and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Burri.