So go easy on yourself :: SOTD

“If only to say this to you now –
I love you still,
and I always will.”

SOTD :: Go Easy :: Ryan Adams And The Cardinals

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And if you want my last dime :: SOTD

“Take it baby,
you can have it all.”

SOTD :: You Can Have it All :: Yo La Tengo

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But you wanna go home :: SOTD

“She says,
stay with me.”

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And heaven don’t tear you apart :: SOTD

“There’s a song on the air with a ‘love you’ line,
and a face in a glass,
and it looks like mine.”

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And if you shake her heart enough she will appear

keep art alive; art by sanithna phansavanh written by me // 08.03.07 There are ways we decide to express ourselves; be it in the way we write, talk, think, dream, invest our time, or as I tend to do more often than not, through the music we listen to. I may wake up with invisible tape over…

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