Yeah, you know her

It was my first trip away from home that did not involve family of some sort. A school trip, all of us piled in a much too hot bus that smelled of sweat, Bubble Yum, and the early onset of adolescence. I held the tape player between my knees, squishing in closer to Christina so we could both hear, finally snapping the headphones in two. Matt turned around and popped his head over the seats, asked what we were listening to. I let him take my half of the headphones and he started belting out Blondie’s Rip Her To Shreds. … Continue reading Yeah, you know her

Yeah, for us, these are the days

There once was a boy who sang this song to a girl sitting atop a train tunnel, as the sun was just starting to come up. The girl knew he was never really hers, that he was fleeting, temporarily on loan to her. Yet even in the few stolen moments they had the girl learned from this boy. She learned passion, she learned want and need, and she learned how it felt to be seen as beautiful. Not beautiful in the constructs of society, and not even beautiful in the poet’s way of defining beauty, but beautiful in the way … Continue reading Yeah, for us, these are the days