My Top Ten Female Singers :: Top Ten Tuesday

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My Top Ten Female Singers
Top Ten Tuesday

Another list by request. Another list that was beyond difficult to narrow down, but I gave it a shot. My list of female singers I love goes miles and miles past ten, and the list of who is in those "top ten" slots do change, rotate, and vary. But, for today, for right now, this is a list of My Top Ten Female Singers on Top Ten Tuesday.

Midnight coffee cups and other misguided ideas :: A Saturday Playlist

Keep Art Alive :: Photo from My Wedding Midnight coffee cups and other misguided ideas :: A Saturday Playlist Listen here at Spotify Into the Mystic :: Van Morrison So Long :: Leon Bridges You Send Me :: Caught A Ghost To Love Somebody :: Nina Simone Ooh La La :: Faces On the Radio …

The Leftovers :: As Seen On TV :: If you had one wish, what would it be for?

As Seen On TV :: Sunday, September 8, 2014In this installment of “As Seen On TV” I will give a three-sentence review of the finale episode of season one of The Leftovers, which my husband and I have deemed "What the Fuck" all season long. We hoped for some answers, but were mainly left with more …

Friday Five :: He don’t care for high-tone places

My Baby Just Cares For Me :: Nina Simone Friday Five 5 Things this song reminds me of: 1. Las Vegas in 1996, a last minute decision trip, and the girl I was, all dyed black hair and record store sensibilities, bad habits and romantic naivette. 2. That first night, middle of the night, or …

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