My Top 300 :: 6-10

6. The Virgin Suicides One of those rare occasions where the movie of a book that I love does not disappoint, on the contrary, it stands alone and apart from the book, both equal in quality, but different in ways that make consuming them both a unique and keen experience. I love the question of it all, the beauty in the chaotic and tragic, and the way it portrays the mystery that coming of age can be from the outside perspective. We, like the boys, never do fully understand the Lisbon sisters, but we are still riveted, and we are … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 6-10

Go :: Monday Movie Moments :: Ensemble Movies I Love

Go (1999) Trailer “Gay men are so hot. It’s tragic.” ~ Claire Go is one of those movies that I have to watch every so often just because I have to watch it, it cheers me up, makes me laugh, and just makes me feel good in a way that only movies can. I have seen this movie countless times, can recite parts of it by heart, and on recent re-watches have enjoyed playing the “wow, I did not know they were in this” game. This is one of those quintessential one night adventure movies, that has a fantastic ensemble … Continue reading Go :: Monday Movie Moments :: Ensemble Movies I Love