Take This Waltz (2011) :: MOTD

Take This Waltz (2011) Written by Sarah Polley Directed by Sarah Polley “Sometimes I’m… walking along the street and a shaft of sunlight falls in a certain way across the pavement and I just wanna cry. And then a second later, it’s over. I decide because I’m an adult, to not succumb to the momentary melancholy; And I thought that sometimes with Tony, she just had a moment like that. A moment of not known how or why, and she just let herself go into and there was nothing anyone could do to make it any better. It was just her and the fact of being alive, colliding.” ~ Margot

My Top 300 Movies :: 86-90

86. Author! Author! Unconventional families and flawed characters who ever strive to do something memorable, favorite elements in a favorite movie of mine. Also, a story about a writer, which is always top on my list, as well. An underrated film with a great performance by Al Pacino. Trailer 87. Sabrina The story line is now a …