Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 6 of 11

Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 6 of 11 Day six is a rainy and gloomy one here in Los Angeles (yes, it does rain in Southern California - sometimes) and something about the weather this morning has me longing for Summer. Perhaps this is due to waking up with the opening track of the upcoming ArrangingTime stuck in my head - the song Summer was a Day. Or maybe it is a reaction to the grey, wet skies of this early morning. Either way, I think I've stumbled on our Day six theme.

Countdown to Pete Yorn’s ArrangingTime :: Day 1 of 11

Countdown to Pete Yorn's ArrangingTime :: Day 1 of 11 Today is the first of March, the first of a favorite month of mine, albeit an emotional one. The month of my birthday, of a past anniversary, the month of plans for live music, hiking, a possible road trip, three-weeks break from school, and some exciting/frightening changes. It is also the month of the long-awaited sixth solo album (last one was six years ago - though there's been other music in-between) from one of my favorite artists, Pete Yorn.

I’m gonna lose you :: RSOTD

Random song of the day - Lose You (live) :: Pete Yorn originally from the album, musicforthemorningafter (2001) "Stop before you fall into the hole that I have dug here. Rest, even as you are starting to feel the way I used to. I don't need a better thing just to sound confused. Don't talk about everyone - I am not amused by you."

Pete Yorn :: musicforthemorningafter :: My Favorite Albums

musicforthemorningafter (2001) :: Pete Yorn  This album found its way into my hands through one of those Columbia House/BMG buy 10 CD’s for a penny mail-order things. It was the day before we were meant to move to Michigan and everything was packed away in boxes and loaded into a moving truck that was already …