Wish I Was Here :: For the love of Movies

Wish I Was Here (2014) Written by Adam & Zach Braff Directed by Zach Braff Focus Features I am going to start this by saying that I went into this film expecting to love it, and I left the movie loving it more than I expected. I start this post off with that sentence so … Continue reading Wish I Was Here :: For the love of Movies

American Hustle :: Movie Review

¬†American Hustle (2013) Directed by David O'Russell Written by David O'Russell and Eric Singer An ensemble cast that works on all accounts, American Hustle unfolds in an almost "musical" style and pace, as we are brought into the lives of deceit and make-believe via the Abscam sting operation/scandal of the late 70's/early 80's. The movie … Continue reading American Hustle :: Movie Review