Friday Five :: Songs about hands

Eyes, mouths and hands have always been my favorite features in people. They are the things I notice first, the points of attraction, the parts of a body I am forever drawn to, and fascinated by. Eyes and mouths I feel have been written about often, the eyes being windows to the soul, the mouth being this point of connection, of communication, of sustenance, and on another Friday in another week I will dedicate this space to my praises, but for this week, today, I want to celebrate hands.

Listen as the Summer Ends :: A Saturday Playlist

 Listen as the Summer ends :: A Saturday Playlist listen here at Spotify Sodajerk :: Buffalo Tom Kim :: Ryan Adams Palomine :: Bettie Serveert Dream a Little Dream of Me :: Zee Avi Fall Down :: Toad The Wet Sprocket It Ain't Me Babe :: Bob Dylan Favorite T :: The Lemonheads Body :: …