But you are just what I need :: SOTD

“You terrify me,
we’ve still not kissed and yet I’ve cried.
You got too close and I pushed and pushed hoping you’d bite,
so I could run,
run and that I did but through the dust,
you saw those teeth marks,
they weren’t all yours,
you had been thrust into a history
that had not worked for me.
Into a history
from which I could not flee.” Continue reading But you are just what I need :: SOTD

Friday Five :: Songs about August

¬†Songs about August I just read something about August that said it is Summer’s Sunday, which made me smile. Though I do not feel the bliss and ease of Summer vacation any longer, there is something about August that I have always loved. Maybe it is the close proximity of Autumn coming around the bend (Autumn is my favorite season), or perhaps it is the back-to-school energy that swirls around (I may not currently be a student, but there is something about all that back-to-school stuff that makes me smile — new notebooks, lunchboxes, brightly colored pens). Whatever it is, … Continue reading Friday Five :: Songs about August