Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Laura Marling

Wednesday is here, my Favorite of the weekdays. That halfway mark, the weekend in our sights, “date night” for my boyfriend and I. Its a beautiful day outside, blue skies, cartoon clouds, sun in the sky holding hands with a cool breeze. The coffee is hot, the Music is flowing, and the day is full…

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 3/30/17

The Best Music of Today, the last Thursday of March, My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day starts with a brand new Paul Weller single from his upcoming Album (missed Weller Wednesday by one day, but still a welcome surprise). Next up is my Favorite Song from Blur’s Think Tank Album, “Out of Time”. Up next is another Favorite of mine, “This is the Day” from The The, a Song I love to hear in the early morning. A track from Laura Marling’s newest Album, the last track, my Favorite track, comes in at number . And it all wraps up for the day with a Yaz song that I was reminded of while watching a documentary last night on the band, from their Quintessential Album, Upstairs At Eric’s.