Head Over Heels, and Other Love Stories

October 4th’s Playlist – Head Over Heels, and Other Love Stories – inspired by Kelly Haigh’s painting.

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Five more miles to the Pink Motel (we’re almost there) – A Monday Playlist

Check out this week’s Monday Playlist featuring Laura Marling, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Pretenders, and MORE.

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Disappear into change because she just can’t say goodbye :: A Playlist

Disappear into change because she just can’t say goodbye :: A Playlist

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Falling like leaves :: SOTD

SOTD :: Learning to Be :: Suede

“Every word
that I’ve ever said
is empty as air
like gossamer thread.”

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And if you want my last dime :: SOTD

“Take it baby,
you can have it all.”

SOTD :: You Can Have it All :: Yo La Tengo

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Run me round again :: SOTD

“The sawed off tree-trunks stand among the living palms,
you were beaming as I focused in and I panned along ,
and I raced you to the top.”

SOTD :: Dogs of L.A. :: Liz Phair

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Saying it’s not a catastrophe :: SOTD

“But I’m not the girl you once put your faith in,
just someone who looks like me.”

SOTD :: Humpty Dumpty (live) :: Aimee Mann

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We’ve played this game of just imagine long enough :: SOTD

“When I am sure the rain has ended,
the blooms have gone,
Everyone killed by the morning frost.
Was a cactus blooming there as you watched the Native boy?”

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