Before Midnight :: Movie Review

Before Midnight (2013) Directed by Richard Linklater Written by Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy, Ethan Hawke and Kim Krizan “If you want love, then this is it. This is real life. It’s not perfect but it’s real.” ~ Jessie The way I feel about Celine and Jesse, their story, and their walking and talking moments, is beyond words because I feel them so deep, down inside of myself. Maybe it is the timeline, the similarity in age, or the fact that I feel like I have lived pieces of their story, in all the good, bad and in-between of ways. I always … Continue reading Before Midnight :: Movie Review

Before Sunset :: Monday Movie Moments

Before Sunset (2004) “You come here to Paris, all romantic, and married, okay? Screw you.” ~ Celine As the time nears for me to finally see the third installment of the Jesse and Celine trilogy I find myself re-watching the previous two and replaying clips, such as the one above, and momentarily reliving some of my favorite parts. The first time I saw the sequel, Before Sunset, I was vehemently angry. I hated that this was what these people’s lives had become, and as I sat there watching, around the same age as Jesse and Celine, I found myself screaming … Continue reading Before Sunset :: Monday Movie Moments