Top 5 Music Obsessions featuring Arthur Buck

Arthur Buck Top 5 Music Obsessions

Thursday, Almost-Friday, Friday Junior, Friday Eve, is here at last. I'm so in need of the weekend, of a bit of escape, of fresh air and (hopefully) more sleep. I think I've surpassed tired and landed somewhere between over-caffeinated and exhaustion. Music, my current audiobook ("Big Little Lies" by Liana Moriarty), and some TV ("Good Girls", …

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day :: 4/3/17

My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day

What is the Best Music for the First Monday in April? For My Top 5 Music Obsessions of the Day the Top Songs start off with a song from The Who's Quintessential Music-Movie-Rock-Opera Quadrophena. Next, The Jam brings the first song of my morning, then it is one of Bowie's Best from his Album Low. My Favorite Dawes Album, All Your Favorite Bands (read more here), is where I pulled the 4th song from Today's Top 5. And it all wraps up for the Day's Best Music with the Duet of Seth Avett and Jessica Lea Mayfield (pictured above) of Elliott Smiths' "Between the Bars", from their tribute Album to Smith's Music, Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield Sing Elliott Smith (read more here).