1990 :: The year in music :: Throwback Thursday

The Best Songs of 1990 by willtopsmusictv Throwback Thursday 1990 was a year of missteps, of heartbreaks and heartbreakers, of college and clubs and a couple of catastrophes that were not live changing exactly, but definitely changed the person I had been, and was becoming. I had my heart really broken that year, the first break-up that felt like I would never get over, the break-up that influenced the next few years choices, though at the time I would not see it as such. Looking back I know it hurt as bad as it did because he was not just … Continue reading 1990 :: The year in music :: Throwback Thursday

She sings a song :: musical sensory recall

“Me and my girlfriend, don’t wear no shoes, her nose is painted pepper sunlight. She loves me,  I mean it’s serious, as serious can be.” This song is loaded with so many memories from a time in my life, and the city that I was surrounded by most of the time. It reminds me of band names, clubs, venues, and of Sunday nights at Stardust ballroom. I can recall a certain night, I was sat back on a couch in the corner talking to a boy with a camera. He was friends with the band. Hell, weren’t we all friends … Continue reading She sings a song :: musical sensory recall

30 day song challenge :: Reminders

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 5 :: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone A first love, back I was still clumsy at such things, tripping over myself and shaking when I was up close to it. He was always in-color to me, electricity and passion and excitement, and for a short time he let me into his world. He was different than anyone I had ever known before, layered, complex, much more than what his surfaces would say. Though despite the chaos and passion that he was, he managed to soothe my nerves and made me feel safe, a huge feat … Continue reading 30 day song challenge :: Reminders

Those were the days

Out in front of a ballroom of stardust, in a line of the unusual, we first laid eyes on each other. There were warnings from the start projected from those who knew me, and those who thought they knew you. If they could, they would have chained me up and locked me away in some kind of fairytale tower. I wonder, would you have come to rescue me? Climbed my hair, or gifted me a magical wake-up kiss? Nothing and no-one could have kept me from you. This song, well, it will always remind me of you. That early morning … Continue reading Those were the days

Yeah, for us, these are the days

There once was a boy who sang this song to a girl sitting atop a train tunnel, as the sun was just starting to come up. The girl knew he was never really hers, that he was fleeting, temporarily on loan to her. Yet even in the few stolen moments they had the girl learned from this boy. She learned passion, she learned want and need, and she learned how it felt to be seen as beautiful. Not beautiful in the constructs of society, and not even beautiful in the poet’s way of defining beauty, but beautiful in the way … Continue reading Yeah, for us, these are the days