Tramps like us

Born to Run :: Bruce Springsteen
from the album, Born to Run (1975)

Happy Birthday, Born to Run! 40 years!

“Just wrap your legs ’round these velvet rims,
and strap your hands ‘cross my engines,
together we could break this trap.
We’ll run till we drop,
baby we’ll never go back,
oh-oh, will you walk with me out on the wire,
`cause baby I’m just a scared and lonely rider,
but I gotta know how it feels;
I want to know if love is wild.” Continue reading Tramps like us

My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/8/14

1. Ryan Adams My number one on this week’s Top Five New Releases was the latest release from Ryan Adams, self-titled and overflowing with songs just waiting to be slipped into a playlist. I’m obsessing over the song Kim currently (which subsequently made it on to this week’s Saturday Playlist). Ryan’s playing in Santa Barbara soon, the closest to Los Angeles show on the roster (so far), and I’m quite tempted to make it a road trip and overnight stay in order to see him play live again. See my review of Ryan Adams self-titled here. Kim (live on the … Continue reading My Weekly Top 10 :: Week of 9/8/14

Everybody’s got a hungry heart :: favorite movies

Warm Bodies (2013) “Don’t be creepy. Don’t be creepy. Don’t be creepy.” ~ R Trailer “What’s wrong with me?” It is not very often that I will watch a film and immediately lock onto it in a way that makes it certain that it will become, and remain, one of my favorite movies. When it does I know it, though, and am usually immediately burning to tell people about it. Warm Bodies, which I watched this afternoon, is one of those films. I could say that I should have known I loved it because a) I am a sucker for … Continue reading Everybody’s got a hungry heart :: favorite movies

Baby I just know that there is :: Song of the day

“I’m dying for some action, I’m sick of sitting round here, trying to write this book. I need a love reaction, c’mon now baby, give me just one look.” It took me some time to grow to love Bruce Springsteen. I was never a huge fan when this song came out, though it was this song that I always loved from the first listen, until the personal replays it gets from me today. But, at the time, the rest of his music, and all of the hype that surrounded him, in general, just did not win me over. It took … Continue reading Baby I just know that there is :: Song of the day