“She’s Electric” :: Oasis :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

Oasis She's Electric, Best of Britpop, Britpop Tuesday

The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday this Week features one of my All-Time Choice Songs from the band Oasis. The Song, "She's Electric", is one of the Best Tracks off of Oasis' 1995 Quintessential Album, (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Oasis is definitively one of the Top Britpop Bands, one that comes in a very close second place on my list of Top Britpop Bands, coming in just below Blur. So, have a seat, adjust your speakers, or throw on a pair of headphones, turn that volume up, and let's take a listen, and learn a little, about one of the Best Britop Bands and Songs with this week's feature on Oasis' "She's Electric".

“Beetlebum” :: Blur :: Best Britpop Music Tuesday

The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday begins with a favorite Blur song of mine, "Beetlebum". Blur, one of my favorite's from the Britpop set, seems to be the perfect start to The Best of Britpop Music Tuesday Series. So, have a seat, throw your headphones on, adjust your speakers, turn them up up up and let's read up on the Britop-B's of Blur and "Beetlebum".